The Management and all who work at DXG are committed to good environment performance and the use of paper from responsible forestry.

We have also established and follow a rigorous chain of custody system, enabling the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) logo to be printed on material where our customers require it and where either or both of these apply.


Never before has the environment been so important and as a commercial printer we believe we have a duty to protect and sustain the environment wherever possible.

Our commitment to minimising our environmental impact is not just a box ticking exercise.

  • We are FSC certified
  • We use vegetable based inks
  • We have invested in the Eco Clean filtration system (allowing us to recycle 90% of our cleaning agent)
  • We have waste management and recycling systems in place throughout our facilities
  • We are committed to reducing our clients carbon footprint as well as our own
  • We have a formal environmental policy in place