DXG Media understand how important your corporate literature is to you, that’s why we place so much importance on getting it right.

It’s not just about putting ink on paper – it’s more important than that, It’s about ensuring that your brand and corporate identity are protected. This means getting the quality, colours, specification, finish and delivery right.

Lithographic print from DXG provides unrivalled quality and can help you achieve your goals.

Litho Plant

  • Heidelberg CD102 L+C, B1, 5 colour press
  • Heidelberg CD74 L C, B2, 5 colour press
  • Heidelberg Image Control, 2nd Generation
  • Heidelberg Pressroom Manager


Digital Print has truly come-of-age, It is one of the most effective solutions in a fast-paced communication driven world. The flexibility to say exactly what you want, to who you want, when you want is invaluable.

Digital Print from DXG can provide the fast, effective solutions you are looking for. This twinned with the amazing potential of our “Variable Data” software, means that DXG can help you create the most complex one-to-one marketing initiatives which can dramatically improve your response rates and return on investment.

Digital Plant

  •  Xerox colour 1000 digital press
  • Creo Rip
  • Clear Dry Ink
  • DesignMerge VDP
  • Epson 9890 Large Format Print
  • Epson 10600 Large Format Print
  • HP 5500 Large Format Print
  • Plockmatic Binder


The secret of successful Direct Mail is meticulous planning but it can be influenced by the quality of the partner you work with.

There are many Direct Mail specialists out there but not many who take the time to truly understand your business and how best to co-ordinate the campaign.

DXG Media have many years of Direct Mail experience and we work with the most respected fulfilment partners.

We have the right credentials to ensure your mailing stimulates a response.

Direct Mail Services

  • Data processing from data files (including mail-merging, mail-sorting & suppression)
  • Printing / lasering envelopes, letter heads and carrier sheets mono to full colour
  • Proofing through PDF or hard copy approval
  • Hand fulfilment of envelopes
  • Multi item machine fill of envelopes from 1-22 items C5-C4
  • Hand fulfilment in Poly bags
  • Multi item machine fill in poly wrap from 1-9 items C5-C4
  • Royal Mail postal account
  • Downstream access account

Related Services

  • In-house finishing, storage and distribution
  • 24 hour operation
  • Dedicated Account Managers