Supplying Artwork to DXG

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You can supply your artwork in the following formats:

  • Quark XPress (supply fonts and images)
  • Adobe Indesign (supply fonts and images)
  • Print ready PDF (with fonts embedded)
  • Adobe Illustrator (with fonts converted to outlines)
  • Adobe Photoshop (with layers flattened, at least 300dpi – CMYK

Accepted Image formats

Images should be at least 300 dpi to achieve the best clarity. We prefer EPS or TIFF images but we will accept JPEG images as long as they are saved at the highest possible quality.

For full colour images, they must be saved as CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black). Do not supply images in RGB mode. RGB images look great on screen but final output is always in CMYK.


For pages where the images are positioned right to the edge of the page you must include at least 3mm bleed over the edge.

Scanning images

If you’re scanning images yourself and you’re scanning a previously printed item then you must DESCREEN the scan to avoid a moire effect. Always scan photographs at 300dpi at the size you are going to use them.

If you’re in doubt then supply us with the photos and we’ll scan them for you.


Include all the fonts that you have used in the file. We have a large font collection but we cannot guarantee we will have the version that you have used in your artwork. If we use a different version then this can create problems with the spacing of letters and line lengths so it’s important that we both have the exact same version.

Sending artwork

At the moment we prefer artwork sent on disk. We accept CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and USB Memory Sticks. Please include a hard copy of your artwork for reference with any useful instructions.

Send artwork to:

DXG Media, Unit 7, Tameside Court, Fifth Avenue, Dukinfield, Cheshire SK16 4PW